Sixty Summers – Photography born from exploring and experiencing nature. In this busy world, immersing in raw nature can create balance and reset the soul. I’ve discovered that Mother Nature is the best artist in the world, and sometimes you just need to get out there, be patient and let the magic unfold.

The name ‘Sixty Summers’ came about through conversation with a close friend. Sitting on an island beach, beer in hand, we reflected on the amazing place in which we live and the epic times we’ve had, particularly in summer. We discussed savouring every moment to avoid regret before your time is up.  “You know…. we’ve probably only got sixty summers left….” My friends remark struck a chord.

If you knew how many years you had left would you live them differently?

My name is Josh, I am the photographer behind Sixty Summers. Exploring and experiencing is something I love to do. My aim is to capture destinations how they are supposed to be, untouched…. raw. It’s not just art for your home or office, but travel inspiration, a memory, a conversation starter. Every time a print is ordered I get to share my passion, it gives me such a buzz! I only provide the highest quality product, and guarantee satisfaction with each purchase. Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, all prints are hand made to order.